This gallery will serve as an evolving guide for butterflies, updated frequently with new photos personally taken by me as I traverse through gardens, woods and meadows. So check back to see what’s new on this page! There are currently about 750 recorded butterfly species in the United States. My goal is to eventually photograph the complete list. So far I’m up to 35. Wish me luck!

Note: Click on one photo in each grouping to pull up a user-friendly slideshow. Specimens will be divided into categories by noticeable primary coloring or prominent accent coloring to provide the novice with an easy visual beginning point of reference. Keep in mind that coloring on the dorsal side (back side seen with wings fully opened) might be different than the ventral side (underside seen with wings fully closed). Start your search with the coloring on the side you are most able to see. Taking a snapshot is always best to not miss the details. Happy hunting! 








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